Restore Your Balance

Light is essential for our physical and mental health, and natural sunshine contains the full spectrum of wavelengths and colours. While the red light is commonly used, there are also other colours, and each has a unique set of benefits. At The Recovery Hub, we offer unique sauna experiences because we are utilising different lights to target different aspects of your wellbeing. Try our chromotherapy in red, yellow, orange, purple, green and blue!

Chromotherapy utilises multiple wavelengths to produce different health and wellbeing. Whether you need a little stimulation to relax your muscles and boost blood circulation or you need to restore your mental balance, we have a Colour Light Therapy (CLT) tailored to your requirements!

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Science-Based Wellness

At The Recovery Hub, we use science-backed methods to improve your health and wellbeing. Knowing that every colour has a unique frequency and vibration, we utilise chromotherapy to target specific problems or improve various aspects of your physical or mental health.

If you are experiencing an illness or lack energy, you may be able to restore the lost balance just by exposing yourself to certain colours. Our saunas can be set to emit various lights to help you restore the lost energy and stimulate your mind and body.

Did you know coloured light can trigger many biochemical and hormonal processes in your body? It is because the light rays can penetrate your skin and travel through your body. Let us pamper you in our luxury saunas that can light up in one of the six healing shades!


The Power Of Coloured Light

  • Elevate your energy levels and feel invigorated
  • Release the tension in joints, muscles, or tissues
  • Stimulate your metabolism
  • Increase cellular growth
  • Stimulate the liver and the circulatory system
  • Boost haemoglobin
  • Stimulate sensory nerves and improve hearing, taste, and smell
  • Heal anaemia or blood-related conditions
  • Get instant relief for colds, pneumonia, or arthritis
  • Relax your mind
  • Elevate mood
  • Get more physical energy and mental strength
  • Calm your body, sharpen your mental response
  • Stimulate emotions
  • Remove your inhibitions
  • Reduce inflammation symptoms in kidneys, gallstones or sinus
  • Reduce menstrual cramps
  • Reduce epileptics symptoms
  • Restart your mind
  • Increase awareness, stimulate curiosity
  • Reconnect with your mental self
  • Rejuvenate your skin
  • Repair scars and reduce eczema
  • Get a powerful alkalizing boost and strengthen nerves
  • Improve the health of the stomach and liver
  • Reduce symptoms of diabetes
  • Improve overall health
  • Relax muscles
  • Calm nerves
  • Sharpen thoughts
  • Restore the feeling of harmony
  • Improve the health of your heart and lower blood pressure
  • Contribute to healing ulcers, headaches, cancer, mental disorders, or influenza
  • Experience deep mental relaxation
  • Calm your nervous system
  • Restore peace to a mind
  • Calm down when you are worried, nervous, or too excited
  • Improve your speech, communication, and the health of your throat
  • Clean your venous blood
  • Nourish cells in your upper brain
  • Minimise neurosis
  • Heal your scalp
  • Gain positive effects on health conditions including sciatica, tumours, rheumatism, meningitis, epilepsy, and many others


Tailored Infrared Sauna Treatments

The Recovery Hub has a personalised approach to red light therapy. We have customisable treatments that can be tailored to your individual needs. Choose your favourite therapeutic experience!

Entertain Yourself

Indulge in movies & fun while you are unwinding at our infrared sauna booth.

Colour Your Ambience

Pick a colour that best fits your mood and get the perfect ambience for your sauna treatment.

Work it Out

Engage in light exercise and sweat it out in our comfy sauna booths.

Simply Unwind

Plug off and enjoy the perfect silence while your mind sinks into a blissful meditative state.

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