Smoother, Younger, Healthier Skin

Cryotherapy Facial is your ultimate solution for smoother, younger, and healthier skin! We use cool air to stimulate blood circulation, increase metabolic rates and trigger the production of collagen. The treatment is painless and 100% safe, ensuring that you walk out looking healthy and happy. Our signature facials are efficient in achieving lost elasticity and minimising the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. If you suffer from inflammation, redness, enlarged pores or dull complexion, Cryotherapy Facial can help you restore a healthy glow and flawless appearance.}

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Cryotherapy Facial Adelaide

Did you know cryotherapy does wonders to your complexion and produces a powerful effect similar to fillers and surgery? Exposing your skin to sub-zero temperatures triggers your inner anti-ageing mechanism and reverses the clock by boosting the production of collagen. We use a combination of techniques to achieve the best possible results with minimal hassle.

Our signature facial begins with deep cleaning and application of hydrating serums and face masks following a cryo treatment that rapidly speeds up your blood circulation. To ensure a lasting effect, we apply the Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Intense serum which contains hyaluronic acid and added natural moisturising factors to replenish and boost your skin. This potent skincare product will supercharge your skin offering all-day moisture and a healthy, plump appearance.


Six Steps To Fabulous Skin

This treatment is harmless and pain-free, ensuring that you experience only pleasant sensations and positive outcomes. The six-step process includes:

The key benefits of our Cryotherapy Facial include:

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The Ultimate Skin Hydration

Our signature Cryotherapy Facial is complemented by the top-quality hyaluronic acid serum that provides superior hydration and leaves your skin smooth, healthy and youthful. We use Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Intense with a triple-action booster. The key ingredients include Multiweight Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5, and NMF (natural moisturising factors such as sodium PCA, urea, creatine, glycerin, lactic acids, protein, sugars and amino acids), Saskatoon Berry, Soy Extract, Biosaccharide Gum and Glyceryl Glucoside. The main benefits include:

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