Your Experience in the Infrared Sauna Booth

Using red light to induce heat, infrared saunas are more effective and more comfortable than traditional ones. They are the safest and the most convenient way to enjoy a rejuvenating sweat session while invigorating and purifying your body and soul. Spending time in our booth is a pleasant experience because the infrared sauna targets your body without heating the air around you and creating high levels of humidity. You are protected from harmful ultraviolet rays and exposed only to the healing infrared light.

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stretching in sauna


Benefits of Near, Mid & Far Infrared Waves

At The Recovery Hub, we have infrared sauna booths that use near, far and mid-waves to ensure the optimal result for you. Infrared light gradually heats the body and sinks beneath your skin to reach joints, tissues, and muscles. When you experience sweating, you will start reaping the benefits of infrared waves that include better oxygen flow, improved blood circulation and faster detoxification. While relaxing in a comfortable booth, you will release the impurities from your skin and harmful toxins from muscles and tissues. A combination of different waves and cooler temperatures allows you to enjoy longer sauna sessions and reap more therapeutic benefits.


Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy uses low-level laser light to generate heat. When you set the chosen wavelength, sit back and relax while warm light travels through your body to promote muscle relaxation, cell rejuvenation and detoxication of your whole body. 

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colour therapy


Colour Light Therapy

Chromotherapy utilises multiple wavelengths to produce different health and wellbeing. Whether you need a little stimulation to relax your muscles and boost blood circulation or you need to restore your mental balance, we have a Colour Light Therapy (CLT) tailored to your requirements!

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