Iron Infusions For Instant Results

At The Recovery Hub, we offer all types of intravenous treatments, including iron infusions. Receive your treatment in a comfortable setting and enjoy benefits for weeks. Talk to your GP and contact us to find out more about our requirements for iron infusions.

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Benefits Of The Recovery Hub Iron Infusions


Whatever the cause of your Iron Deficiency, infusions are a fast and efficient way to restore the desired iron levels. At The Recovery Hub, we have staff trained to administer intravenous treatments in a safe and painless way.


If you have an order from your local GP and relevant blood test results, we can schedule a treatment for you within 24 hours. We can even arrange that your GP contacts us directly, ensuring that you get a convenient and efficient service from us.

Pleasant surrounding

Sit back and relax in a pleasant environment while we take care of you. Our intravenous treatments are administered by our skilled and friendly staff in a comfortable medical-grade environment.


Get A GP Referral Prior To Your Appointment

At The Recovery Hub, we take your health and safety seriously. Before we book an appointment for iron infusion, we will ask for a GP referral and blood test results. To make the process easier for you, we can contact your medical practitioner directly and request the necessary documents from them. The letter should contain the following information:

Additionally, your GP must:

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