Recovery Treatments for NDIS Clients

We Support NDIS Clients With A Variety of Recovery & Wellness Solutions.

We can offer NDIS clients with our world-class solutions to help with recovery and rejuvenation. We combine full-body or localised cryotherapy with infrared sauna, float therapy, air compression massage and other treatments to optimise health & wellbeing.

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Treatments Available For NDIS Clients

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Cryotherapy for NDIS

Whole-Body Cryotherapy

Full-body cryotherapy has many benefits for your physical and mental health. It can help you heal and recover, restore your mental and hormonal balance. Our professional therapists at The Recovery Hub will assess your needs and create a custom treatment plan especially for you. The key benefits include

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Localised Cryotherapy

Localised cryotherapy targets your problem! Whether you have a persistent injury, inflammation or chronic pain, our treatments can help! You will feel instant relief after just one application or reap long-term benefits from regular visits to our centre. The key benefits include

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infrared sauna For NDIS

infrared sauna

Enjoy the benefits from the healing warm air without the unpleasant steam. Unlike regular saunas which can get as hot as 90 degrees Celsius, our infrared ones raise temperatures to 45 – 55 degrees, and they are equally effective. The key benefits include

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float therapy For NDIS

Float Tank

Our floatation tanks provide a safe and tranquil environment where you can disconnect and relax. There is nothing to trigger anxiety or stimulate your mind, you can calm your body and quiet your thoughts. You will enter a parasympathetic state which is ideal for relaxation as it lets your body and soul recuperate. The key benefits include

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Recovery Boots

At The Recovery Hub, we use superior Normatec massage boots to deliver the best results. Compression and decompression therapy is ideal for NDIS patients that need instant relief as well as long-term benefits. The procedure triggers blood circulation and self-healing to promote muscle recovery and alleviate pain. It works wonders for you in combination with a full-body cryotherapy treatment, and its key benefits include

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