Cryotherapy Rejuvenation

The Recovery Hub’s comprehensive range of cryotherapy treatments includes vaginal rejuvenation which helps you restore a youthful look and regain elasticity. We expose your skin to sub-zero temperatures for a short period of time to trigger ‘vasoconstriction’ of your blood vessels. Rapid blood flow will increase the release of endorphins and promote smoother, brighter, and tighter vaginal skin.

Our signature treatment is a powerful collagen boost that instantly rejuvenates skin and improves appearance. A simple 5-minute procedure is non-invasive, painless, and very effective. There are no side effects, and the treatment requires no recovery time.

vaginal tightening south australia
south australia vaginal tighting


Feel More Confident in your body!

Did you know that vagina rejuvenation can strengthen muscles, brighten skin tone, and improve your sex life? It helps tighten a vagina and enhance the overall appearance without the hassle of exercise or surgery.

The Recovery Hub offers an easy, long-term solution to thicken the vaginal wall and make you feel better and more confident. A short procedure is painless and safe as it doesn’t expose you to any health risks or unpleasant sensations.

How does it work? When your skin is exposed to sub-zero temperatures, cool air stimulates blood circulation and collagen production. Your tissues will rejuvenate faster and create a youthful appearance. The vagina can become tight again without much effort and with zero side effects.

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