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Lose Weight and Tone the Body Effortlessly

The Recovery Hub is your ultimate wellness getaway where you can try the fastest, safest, and easiest way to tone and gain confidence. Let us help you get back in shape fast without invasive methods, surgery, or even intense exercise. Sit back and relax while our revolutionary Infinity Sculpt does the job for you. This device is designed to burn fat, build muscles, and help you achieve the desired body form in no time. Book your appointment today and find out why this is the trendiest weight loss therapy in Australia right now!

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Look Fabulous After the First Treatment!

Infinity Sculpt is a great way to reduce fat and sculpt your body without the hassle of liposuction, surgery, or an intense workout. It’s a quick fix to get you back in shape, help you regain lost confidence and motivate you to start a healthier lifestyle. You will notice improvement immediately after the first treatment because the device causes strong muscle contractions. It is more efficient than any intense workout because it creates a supramaximal stimulus for your muscles. The potential benefits include

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What is Infinity Sculpt?

Infinity Sculpt is the ultimate fat reduction and body toning treatment. It can deliver results fast because it is using innovative technology. Electromagnetic energy triggers more muscle contractions than any classic workout can deliver, which means that you can lose fat and improve your body shape. Infinity Sculpt is painless and hassle-free, and yet it causes up to 20,000 contractions in only 30 minutes. This procedure heats up the fat cells and eliminates them. They are destroyed and naturally discharged from the body, which means you can target those stubborn pockets of fat in problem areas. Simultaneously, the muscles are shaping up due to intense contractions.

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Why Consider The Infinity Sculpt?

Did you know Infinity Sculpt is becoming the most sought after weight-loss treatment in the wellness industry around the world? It is popular because you can achieve fantastic results quickly. It is designed for easy use and fast results, catering to anyone who wants to quickly eliminate fat deposits around the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms. Diet and exercise alone take time to deliver results, while surgery requires recovery. Infinity Sculpt is the perfect solution if you want visible effects fast.

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Benefits of Infinity Sculpt

Infinity Sculpt is a fast and easy way to reduce fat. You will notice a major change after the first appointment, and you need only four sessions to get the best results. While surgery, exercise, diet, and other weight loss regimes require time, effort, recovery and stamina, Infinity Sculpt involves minimal time and effort. All you need to do is allocate four thirty minutes sessions. The treatment uses innovative technology to burn and eliminate the stubborn fat cells from your body while sculpting your muscles.

Infinity Sculpt is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction and other invasive methods because it is pain-free. The device attached to your body activates your muscles and heats the fat cells below the skin’s surface until they burn out. The procedure causes a light prickling sensation because it produces up to 20,000 contractions in one session, but you won’t feel worn out or risk any injuries or inflammations. Infinity Sculpt is safe to use and satisfies Australian Standards.

While eliminating fat cells from your body, Infinity Sculpt simultaneously tones the body and brings it back to the desired shape. It is extremely efficient at muscle sculpting because it causes contractions similar to intense gym sessions. You will notice the difference after only one treatment, but we recommend that you book four appointments to achieve optimal results.

Infinity Sculpt produces an instant fat reduction effect similar to surgery, but it requires no special preparations or downtime. Unlike invasive treatments, this procedure is quick, painless, and perfectly safe. It avoids the health risks associated with surgery and it doesn’t even require the use of anaesthetics. You can get back in your best shape after just 4 easy treatments in the comfort of our tranquil Recovery Hub.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Infinity Sculpt

At the Recovery Hub, we allocate 45 minutes for each appointment while the Infinity Sculpt treatment lasts for 30 minutes.

Infinity Sculpt is great for eliminating stubborn fat in problem areas around the waist, arms and legs.

You will see results after just one session.

*Please note that ongoing results need to be supported by a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

We recommend that our clients book 4 x 30-minute sessions to achieve optimal weight loss and body sculpting results.


You will have visible effects for six months or longer. We also recommend follow-up sessions to maintain the desired look.

*Please note that ongoing results need to be supported by a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

No. Infinity Sculpt is non-invasive and causes no pain. You may experience a prickling feeling during the session, but our trained staff makes sure you are safe and comfortable.

The Infinity Sculpt treatment requires no downtime.

Yes. The device is tried, tested and approved for use throughout Australia.

Infinity Sculpt is safe to use for most clients, but the treatments are not recommended to certain categories of people, especially those with health issues. It is advisable to refrain from using Infinity Sculpt if you fulfil these conditions:

  • You had a recent muscle injury
  • You are pregnant or are breast-feeding
  • You are suffering from any type of a cardiac disease
  • You have defibrillators or any other implanted devices
  • You are diagnosed with epilepsy
  • You have or recently had any type of a bleeding condition
  • You have a hernia or you recently underwent a recent surgery in the abdominal area
  • You are 18 years of age

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