Cryotherapy is a revolutionary method to improve your health and wellbeing by exposing your body to subzero temperatures. Cool air can eliminate or minimise pain, restore your hormonal balance, elevate your mood and energy levels, help you recover from injuries, improve your physical performance, enhance your complexion or increase calory burn to help you lose weight.

The full-body chamber reduces your body’s temperature to 4°C to stimulate circulation, boost metabolism, improve calorie burning processes and trigger self-healing processes. Localised therapy focuses on particular areas of your body to target specific problems like pain, inflammations and others.

Cryotherapy effectively improves blood circulation and contributes to the faster distribution of nutrients in your body. There are multiple benefits, including improved performance, faster recovery, smoother and younger skin, slimmer body, better sleep quality, reduced stress levels and pain management.

A Cryotherapy Chamber is designed to deliver whole-body experiences. When you walk inside a chamber, your body is exposed to sub-zero temperatures that go as low as -140°C. You will need to stay there for just a few minutes, and then you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the multiple benefits of the therapy. Multiple settings in the chamber can be adjusted to your needs and ensure a pleasurable experience.

Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen, but our tried, tested and TGA-approved chambers are perfectly safe to use because your body never gets in touch with dangerous substances. Our cryotherapy experts are trained to handle these machines and ensure that the settings are correct and that you are safe and comfortable during the session.

Cryotherapy is safe for most people, but you should avoid it if you have one of these conditions:

(1) heart condition
(2) cancer
(3) deep vein thrombosis
(4) cold allergy
(5) is pregnancy

When in doubt, talk to your doctor to check whether it is safe to use cryotherapy without any risk.

Yes! Cryotherapy treatments are enjoyable, and our receptors don’t perceive extremely low temperatures fast and there is no feeling of discomfort. The best way to describe the feeling of standing in a °CRYO Chamber? It is like being in front of a freezer on a very warm day.

A whole-body cryotherapy session is very short. To ensure safety and avoid any risks, a treatment can last up to three minutes. Localised cryotherapy and cryo facials can last much longer than that.

Our full-body cryotherapy chamber doesn’t feel claustrophobic at all. It features an adjustable window and uses innovative breathable air technology to ensure maximum comfort. Since the door is not locked while you are inside, you can always step out if you start feeling uncomfortable.

You can be in your own underwear, or we will provide a disposable one for you. To make sure your joints stay warm, we provide socks and mittens.

You can have a shower before the treatment, but there is no need to do it afterwards. All of our treatments are completely dry and mess-free.

You will see and feel the change after just one cryotherapy session. If you suffer from pain, injury, inflammation, or stress, you will feel instant relief. However, long-term results require regular sessions. Depending on your particular situation, we will advise you to visit us 2-6 times per week.

One session is enough to feel better and experience the short-term impact of cool air therapy. If you want to target a specific problem and experience a long-term change, you can talk to one of our specialists who will recommend a tailored package especially for you.

  • Don’t book a cryotherapy session before consulting your doctor if you have unmanaged hypertension or a pacemaker, if you are having cancer treatments, if you have deep vein thrombosis or a cold allergy, or if you are pregnant.
  • If you recently used a tanning bed, sunbathing, or a local anaesthetic, wait for at least 24 hours before your cryotherapy appointment.
  • If you have a new tattoo or piercing, or if you had a slimming, treatment liposuction, silicone implants, Botox, or fillers, postpone your cryotherapy session for at least one month.

Yes! We can arrange a cryotherapy session for two, but make sure to let us know in advance because we have limited space available. Keep in mind that The Recovery Hub is an adult-only wellness centre, so don’t bring children with you.

Yes! Our facilities are safe and secure. You have nothing to worry about during the session because we have:

  • trained medical professionals to take care of you
  • well maintained and regularly disinfected equipment
  • first aid specialists on duty at all times
  • first aid box at the reception
  • COVID-19 safety plan & QR code check-in
  • disclaimer forms at the entrance to make sure there are no contraindications
  • high level of hygiene
  • CCTV cameras in public areas
  • well maintained air conditioning and fire alarm system

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