Boost Energy Levels With Our NAD+ IV Treatment

The Recovery Hub proudly administers intravenous nutrient therapy to help improve your health and wellbeing. Our NAD+ IV treatment is the perfect concoction of vitamins that can boost your immune system, enhance your beauty and improve your productivity. This potent mix has unique properties that may increase your effectiveness at work. After just one treatment, you may feel empowered, focused, balanced and mentally sharp. Most importantly, the effects can last for weeks after your treatment!

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NAD+ in Adelaide

Benefits Of The Recovery Hub NAD + IV Treatments

Improved mental capacities

NAD+ may help with cognitive functions as it guides our metabolic processes in the brain. As cognitive function naturally decreases as we are age, an occasional IV boost may help improve memory, creativity, learning and problem-solving capacities.

Effects May last for weeks

Our NAD+ IV Treatment can deliver efficient and long-lasting results. Even if you take only one treatment, you may feel the effects for weeks after your appointment.

Halt the Ageing Process

NAD+ levels tend to decline as we age. Our IV treatment may assist to increase these. Located in our brain tissue and skin, this makes them accountable for our cognitive functions and healthy complexion.


How NAD+ IV Treatments Work

Did you know Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) is essential in the functioning of your metabolism? This co-enzyme can be found in nearly all cells, and it is necessary for your health and wellbeing. When you have low NAD+ levels, your body is unable to process fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids, which can lead to different medical conditions.

It is scientifically proven that NAD+ is responsible for brain and cell rejuvenation, which means that maintaining sufficient levels of this co-enzyme contributes to overall health and longevity. In other words, NAD+ infusions can help you halt the signs of aging and can prevent many diseases that come with age such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and even cancer. Intravenous application of NAD+ can be an efficient way to restore and protect your brain cells and prevent many negative results of ageing.

At The Recovery Hub, we provide NAD+ infusions in a pleasant environment to help you rejuvenate your body and maintain good health. Call us today to find out more about our intravenous treatments.

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